• A letter from Laurent Boes, Benelux Brand Leader IBM Social Business

    Aug. 22nd 2012, door Marnix. 0 reactie(s)

Dear visitor,


You have probably heard the word ‘social’ more than any other modern buzzword lately.
Especially when the subject is about communication, either with friends, family or with

your customers, partners or suppliers: today´s organizations have massively
embraced the term ‘social’.


With this newsletter, I would like to introduce you to the concept of Social Business.


Organizations that effectively deploy social tools for use within their business, optimize the effectiveness of their most valuable asset: their people. Studies have shown that social businesses not only improve their collaboration between colleagues, they also become more transparent and flexible and – in the end – more effective and profitable.


My team and myself are here to help you understand the value of Social Business as a way to become more successful.


I kindly encourage you to read the attached information or visit one of the great upcoming events (see event page) around Social Business. It will not only introduce you to the concept of Social Business, but it also provides you with a number of links to events, reference cases, and background documentation.


Kind regards,

Laurent Boes

Social Business & Collaboration Leader Benelux


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