• Social Business: Must-have or Hype?

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You have probably heard the word ‘social’ more than any other modern
buzzword lately. Especially when the subject is about communication,
either with friends, family or with your customers, partners or suppliers:
today´s organizations have massively embraced the term ‘social’.  That is why I would like to introduce you to the concept of Social Business.

Organizations that effectively deploy social tools for use within their business, optimize the effectiveness of their most valuable asset: their people. Studies have shown that social businesses not only improve their collaboration between colleagues, they also become more transparent and flexible and – in the end – more effective and profitable.

I encourage you to read the IBM article below. It will not only introduce you to the concept of Social Business, but it also provides you with a number of links to events, reference cases, and background documentation.

IBM can help you understand the value of Social Business as a way to become more successful.

Social Business: Must-have or Hype ?

Why Social Business?

As the world becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent and people continue to embrace social computing, today’s enterprises face the dawn of a new era – the era of the Social Business. Just as the Internet changed the marketplace forever, the integration of social computing into enterprise design represents another enormous shift in the landscape.

Smart phones and tablets have already outpaced PCs. Gartner Research predicts that social networking services will replace email as the primary communications vehicle for 20 percent of business users by 2014.

Organizations that successfully transform into a Social Business can potentially achieve great benefits – among them the ability to deepen customer relationships, drive operational efficiencies and optimize the workforce.

What is Social Business versus Social Media ?

Social Business is much more than a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It focuses on the energy, creativity, and decision making of people. Employees find what they need more quickly, solve problems faster, and discover valuable expertise and information in ways they were not even expecting.

Social Business is applying social tools and techniques to processes beyond marketing, PR and communications applying them to things like human relations, supply chain, customer service, product innovation, product development. This encompasses the entire organization and its business processes.

So Social Business is a much broader thought than Social Media and also one that really results in a lot more return on investment for an overall business.

Typically, Social Businesses do not use public Social Media tools but rather adopt enterprise solutions. This will ensure confidentiality of data, control and governance.

IBM Social Business Software and Services help you become a Social Business

Market research bureau IDC names IBM as the market leader in Social Business software for the 3rd consecutive year.

With market leading technology, extensive expertise, and a lengthy track record of solving challenging problems, IBM can help your organization become more social.

With IBM Social Business Software and Services, you can empower people with social networks, engage with experts and clients, and cultivate trust using people-centric experiences.
Whether you are planning for a social intranet, want to socially unlock the valuable information that is stored in MS SharePoint databases, or want to have a social sharing and collaboration platform in the cloud, IBM is there to assist you.

IBM Connections, the flagship of our social software offering, delivers these social capabilities through the following integrated components: profiles, micro-blogging, files, communities, blogs, wikis, ideation blogs, activities, bookmarks, forums and social analytics.IBM Connections also offers rich integration with other IBM products and solutions from other vendors (eg Lotus Notes, MS Office, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange/Outlook, Enterprise Content Management).  The new version of IBM Connections (4.0) will be released early September 2012.

Want to find out more ?

- Attend one of the upcoming events around Social Business and the new version of IBM Connections
- Contact IBM (details below) or an IBM partner to arrange a meeting.

References and independent reports:

IBM contact information

Mr Laurent Boes, IBM Social Business & Collaboration Leader Benelux
Bourgetlaan 42, 1130 Brussels
Phone (+32) (0)2 339 5321  /  laurent_boes@be.ibm.com

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